About me

From a young age I had a love for the natural world, and in my teens (when I could afford to buy myself a camera) I combined this love with a growing interest in recording it. I would often go out on long walks, photographing anything that caught my eye: frosted leaves, old painted doors! It was a good grounding in learning how to use a manual film camera.

Photography continued to be part of my life, but took a back seat while work, a mortgage and “life in general” took over. But then, having reached ‘middle-age’, and with a little more disposable income, I invested in a DSLR and rediscovered the passion. Combined with my love of birds, I was now able to get the shots I once dreamed of. And belonging to a small and competitive group of like-minded photographers has pushed me to try new things and to enter national and international exhibitions – with some success.

My photography is improving all the time and the enjoyment I get is boundless; I don’t think I’ll be putting the camera down any time soon!


It’s early days for me on the wider commercial scene, but the reason for putting this website together was the interest my images have attracted. As an amateur photographer, it’s very flattering when an image is chosen to be published – and it’s something I would like to pursue commercially.

So far, I have had an image published in the BBC Wildlife Magazine and the Discover Wildlife special edition; and also had images published in Wild Planet Photo Magazine – including a cover image. More recently I was shortlisted in the Bird Photographer of the Year competition and the image shown here appeared in the accompanying annual.

If you’re interested in using any of my images, please contact me. Or you can see some of my images on Alamy.


Since becoming a member of a small group of dedicated photographers – f8 image group – I have been entering national and international photography salons and regional federation competitions. After 3 years of entering, in 2014 I managed to get my first Gold Medal winning images. Since then I’ve gone on to gain a DPAGB (Distinction) accreditation with PAGB and I’ve had images shortlisted in the Bird Photographer of the Year Competition.

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